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Dr. Roach interviewed by LEX18

Dr. Jim Roach was interviewed by LEX18 about near death experiences. You can find the whole piece here, or read on below:

Mystery Monday March 23, 2015 - Near Death Experiences

What happens after we die? 

It's a good question, certainly and old one. Dr. Jim Roach is a Woodford County doctor who thinks he may have an answer. 

He's had hundreds of patients tell him about strange spiritual and near death experiences over the years. He's recently put some of the conversations into a book called "God's House Calls." 

"There now are hundreds of patients that have shared these experiences with me," Dr. Roach said. 

He said that he learned how near death experiences, out of body experiences and other spiritual encounters are more common than one would think. 

"Almost every day a patient shares a spiritual experience like premonitions, intuitions, out of body experiences," Roach explained. "After childbirth that happens, sexual assault, surgery are common times."

Some of his patient's stories have made it into the book. Their stories are intriguing. 

"And what they report is the other realm is more real than this realm," Roach explained. "And they get mad about coming back. One of them cried about coming back."

Dr. Roach said that out of the patients that have relayed their stories of the after life to him,  about 80 percent of them happen to be women. He has a theory about why this might be so. 

"It's my theory that the higher your estrogen levels are, the more intuitive you are tied in with that estrogen," he said. 

His hope is that the book, which will be released on Saturday, March 28, will help people feel less afraid to talk about their own spiritual experiences, possibly resulting in less fear about the after life.