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Vital Strategies in Cancer: Available on Amazon

Endorsed by America's #1 doctor and ten time #1 NY Times author Mark Hyman MD, 'VITAL STRATEGIES' - at 400 pages, 630 references - is the most comprehensive, practical, informative and uplifting book on cancer yet!


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"Dr. Roach leads you step-by-step up an all-embracing, spiritual pathway to healing. From start to finish he guides you through this important book on your journey to an enlightened understanding of cancer."

-Mark Hyman, MD, Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? “You have this amazing amount of knowledge… you are one of the most encyclopedic minds I have ever met…”

- Jack Canfield, multiple #1 NY Times author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”:   “Dr. Roach’s book makes an invaluable contribution to providing insightful words of wisdom, clinical pearls, concrete, sensible information, and sound guideline that can aid in supportive care – taking one from beyond surviving to thriving, in spite of cancer, chronic disease, and age-related decline.” 

-Donnie Yance AHGAmerica’s #1 botanical medicine expert, author ‘Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism’ and‘Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer’ "I have known Dr. Jim Roach for over a decade, and consider him one of the most accomplished medical doctors working in the integrative cancer space. His new book is a treasure trove of information, resources, and the wisdom born from many decades of dedicated practice involving a broad spectrum of cancer situations.,.Vital Strategies in Cancer is the most important, practical, and comprehensive (indeed, encyclopedic) book to appear in the integrative cancer area that I have ever seen. Anyone who knows and loves anyone dealing with cancer (which includes the vast majority of people in the western world) will find this book incredibly helpful and usefulCancer represents a journey, which  has many life lessons to teach us. Dr. Roach's book is the best map for undertaking that journey that I have ever seen."

-Dwight L McKee MD, CNS, ABIHM– the top integrative oncologist in America for the past four decades. Board certified in medical oncology, nutrition, and Integrative and Holistic Medicine Coauthor of 'After Cancer Care' “Your book is wonderful. Can’t put it down…The most important cancer book I have ever read… A guiding light for us all... A testimony to the human spirit.

-Robert Zieve MD, author of “Healthy Medicine”is one of the most experienced, well-trained U.S. integrative medicine physicians. His focus is cancer. He is currently the Medical Director and Coordinator of Partners in Integrative Cancer Therapies, in Prescott, AZ and Medical Director, Journey 2 Life Clinic, Boulder, Colorado  "In Vital Strategies in Cancer, Dr. Roach has demystified cancer and provided us with a roadmap for its effective treatment using a wide variety of treatments, tools, and resources. This book goes into great detail regarding the many aspects of cancer growth and progression, including the significant connection between stress and cancer. I especially appreciate Dr. Roach's emphasis on the necessity of becoming spiritually grounded. I consider this book a must-read for cancer patients and their families. Highly recommended!" 

-Jonathan Stegall, MD, Integrative Oncologist, author “Cancer Secrets  "…a leading light in the world of integrative holistic cancer care. It is a must read for all seeking empowerment and transformation through the cancer journey."

-Daniel Friedland, MD, CEO, SuperSmartHealth, Past Chair of Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, Author of Leading Well from Within: A Neuroscience and Mindfulness-Based Framework for Conscious Leadership “Dr. Jim Roach’s new book, Vital Strategies in Cancer, is important for many reasons. But, for me, its most significant value lies in the way it seamlessly blends hard science, engaging personal stories, and the spiritual side of healing together in one, extremely readable book. I highly recommend it to physicians and patients alike. In other words, to everyone!” 

-Julia Schopick, Co-author “Honest Medicne: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases; “The Power of Honest Medicine: LDN, an Inexpensive Alternative to the Costly, Toxic Medications Doctors Prescribe for Autoimmune and Other Diseases”  Jim Roach, MD is a doctor’s doctor: a brilliant clinician and teacher Those of us in the Integrative Medicine arena have looked to him for his sage guidance on a range of topics for decades. Now he has created a resource for the layperson.  I highly recommend this book to both keep you well and heal effectively.”  

-Scott Shannon, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist and author of “Mental Health for the Whole Child "This book touches on so many aspects of dealing with cancer.  With its real patients' stories… and covering so many aspects of the cancer journey, it is a terrific readCrammed with useful information and well organized, I found it a really useful tool for anyone dealing with cancer, Advocates and caregivers.  Thank you for writing it, a true labor of love." 

-Ann Fonfa, President, Annie Appleseed Project, integrative cancer advocacy and annual national conference. Providing information, education and advocacy “In Vital Strategies in Cancer Dr. Roach has shared his encyclopedic knowledge and comprehensive experience to help guide hundreds of us who have cancer in making our treatment more successful as a holistic body--mind—spirit experience.He deals with conventional and integrative treatment options promoting positive beliefs and cultivating inner peacefulness, which are quintessential to assure an optimal cancer outcome. Roach has provided this essential cornerstone for my own personal cancer treatment."

-Robert Anderson M.D., founder of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (now Academy for Integrative Health & Medicine), author of “Stories of Healing” and “Clinicians Guide to Holistic Medicine “Dr. Roach has always impressed me with the vast amount of data he has at his fingertips--he not only reads research, he remembers it and uses it, a trait not often found in practicing physicians.  So it's no surprise that Vital Strategies in Cancer is chock full of details that can be incredibly helpful, potentially lifesaving.  If you find yourself on this cancer journey, this book will be a good tool for you.  The stories of his patients will give you hope, and the logic of his treatment approach will serve you well."

-Wendy Warner MD, faculty member, Institute of Functional Medicine, author of “Boosting Your Immunity for Dummies”  “This book has a wealth of advice and information from Dr. Roach’s great knowledge and experience. It is highly organized and very readable, filled with patient testimonies and valuable guidelines and remedies, both conventional and holistic, for specific cancer diagnosis and realistic yet hopeful therapy.”  

-Gerald Lemole M.D., a coauthor of “After Cancer Care" “Dr. Roach’s knowledge is staggering and state-of-the-art.”

-Lee X. Blonder PhD, Professor, University of Kentucky  "This book is a treasure trove for the cancer patient and his or her family, as well as being chock full of tips on how to stay healthy for those looking to prevent cancer." 

-Elizabeth Gould, Author ‘Your Best Health by Friday’ "The word “cancer” has always instilled deep fear and paralysis, but Dr. Roach’s book "Vital Strategies in Cancer" is a beacon of light which rewrites the playbook of this disease. By sharing deep wisdom of his experience, cutting edge research from new genomic understanding, and implementable action plans based on holistic and integrative insights, the reader gains a rich vantage point into their own empowerment to achieve vitality and wellness again.”

-Amy Coleman MD, author “Discovering Your Own Doctor Within”